Alore Design Bath Program


Round 10” Shower head with both wall and ceiling arms with 4 round body jets, and a 3 function handshower and bar kit which has a built in wall outlet for ease of installation. Paired with a 3/4” Thermostatic valve with 2 way diverter and one volume control.

  • Showerhead flow rate: 8.5L/min at 60psi
  • Handshower flow rate: 12L/min at 60psi
  • Valve flow rate: 34L/min at 60psi
  • 4 round body jets: 3.7L/min at 60psi
  • 3/4” inlet
  • Both ceiling and wall arms included
  • 2 way diverter and volume control


  • ALSKIT25


ALSHSA10-RD = 10″ round showerhead & wall arm
ALSAC-RD = Round 9″ ceiling arm
2C600 SQ = 3/4″ therm with 3 way diverter
ALHS-RD = 3 function round handshower
ALSBOUT-RD = Sliding bar with built in outlet
ALHOSE = 69″ neoprene hose
NWSBJ-RD = 4x round body jets


  • CH – Chrome

For SPECS see individual part pages.

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